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The Tummel

24 August 2023

New for this season, the Tummel blends loafer chic with an elegant trim for a sophisticated standout look. We have worked with the artisanal craftsmen and women at the Carlos Santos factory in Portugal to produce two very different versions of this very fine piece of footwear.

The first feels very European. I am thinking the French Riviera or the Amalfi coast. The dark brown calf weave sets them apart from your run-of-the-mill loafer, accompanied by a woven strap across the vamp featuring two metal links. Not your classic horsebit, but the trim is definitely a nod to that classic style with a modern twist.

The navy version does not feature woven calf but rather an uncomplicated, smooth finish adorned by the woven strap. Again, I can see these being worn by gentlemen that like to lunch in port-side restaurants, but they would equally hold their own at a business meeting or indeed a meal out away from the water’s edge!

What both these styles share is an element of delicacy. They are leather lined and have a leather sole, save for a rubber tip on the heel. However, our friends at Carlos Santos have managed to use the Goodyear welting process to attach the sole to the upper. This is not something you often see in this style of shoe, with other manufacturers often favouring either a cemented or Blake stitched sole.

By using a welt, which is a strip of leather that connects the upper to the sole, the Tummel becomes repairable. This means you can enjoy wearing these loafers – and shaping them to the exact proportions of your feet – but replace the soles when they start to wear out. Sustainable comfort and style in nutshell!

Before the sunshine begins to run out and we start looking ahead to autumn/winter, can I suggest a last grasp at warmer days with these super-stylish loafers? They are just that little bit special.

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