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Who are Herring Shoes?

Herring shoes is a family business which was started in 1966.
HERRING SHOES Ltd Registered Company Number: 3919412 VAT number 742 4261 50
Registered Office: Herring Shoes, Old Station Yard, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1ES
Managing Director: Jason Simmonds

Internet enquiries +44 (0) 1548 854886


Trading Addresses:
Old Station Yard, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1ES +44 (0) 1548 854886

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How do I contact you?

Our offices are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm UK time, with the exception of public holidays.

For a full list of contact options, see our contact page.

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How do I make a complaint?

Please contact us in any of the ways listed on our contact page, including your order number. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want all our customers to be happy with their purchases, and will work with you to resolve any issues to the best of our ability.

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Returns Exchanges and Refunds

For the easiest returns experience, we recommend that you purchase a return label when placing your order.

If you are not completely satisfied with the items you have purchased, you can return them for a refund or exchange. Please read the following information carefully.

Your returns form will be inside your shoebox.


We are happy to exchange order items if you have a problem with sizing. We will ship the exchanged goods free of charge, but you are still responsible for returning as below. Our exchange policy is limited to one free exchange per order.

Customers OUTSIDE the UK

To use DHL:

If your chosen delivery option included a DHL return, please use the DHL labels and commercial invoices that were included inside your order to return the parcel to us.

For more details, please see returning an item using DHL.

Otherwise, we advise you to use your local postal service and check the fees before sending as these are your responsibility.

Any duty and clearance fees we have to pay will be deducted from the refund amount due to you. To avoid this:

  • Write "RETURNING UNSUITABLE GOODS TO SENDER" on the customs form and the parcel itself
  • Tick the "RETURNED GOODS" box on the customs declaration documents.

We suggest using registered insured postage, and that you retain a proof of postage just in case the parcel should fail to be delivered.

All returns should be sent to:

Herring Shoes
Old Station Yard
United Kingdom

Please note, all overseas return labels are DHL. We do not offer prepaid Royal Mail return labels overseas.

You will only be refunded for the items returned.

In all cases please ensure the following:

  • Please put your return form inside the package - if we don't know who you are, we won't know what to do with the returned package.
  • Please indicate on your return form whether you want a refund or an exchange.
  • If you are in any doubt please call us before returning an item.
  • The items AND box must be returned in the same saleable condition as received. Shoes will not be accepted where there are signs of wear on the sole. We suggest trying shoes on carpet only.
  • Please contact us within 30 days of receipt of your goods if you intend to return them. We reserve the right to provide a gift voucher in place of a refund if goods are not returned within 30 days.
  • We cannot accept parcels that incur duty without recovering the duty from you.
  • Customers are responsible for returning any items and paying any associated costs where a return option has not been specified.
  • Returns forms are packed with your shoes inside the inner shoebox. If you are missing your Returns Form, please contact us and we will be able to help.
  • Please note that any returns received without an exchange/refund form or any paperwork may not be processed as we need to identify the order.
  • If you return a purchase which was accompanied by a free promotional item or items (eg, a pair of free shoe trees) then please note that you must also return the free item. We reserve the right to charge for any promotional items which are not returned.

Refunds for products purchased using a gift voucher

In cases where the product being refunded was paid for or part-paid for using a Herring Shoes gift voucher, we can only provide a refund of the voucher amount in the form of another voucher. No cash refunds for voucher-funded purchases will be made.

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Shoes that are made to fit the same size foot will vary in physical size due to differences in last (shoe) shapes. For this reason we cannot measure shoes to fit your feet.

If you are unsure we would suggest purchasing a low-cost returns label, you will see this option in your checkout when placing your order.

This is a size guide based on our experiences working with customers from all over the world. Although we are confident of it’s accuracy, there can be anomalies and for this reason we cannot guarantee the conversion will always be correct.

Men's sizes

Find your usual shoe size in these columnsSize to buy
676 39240 5  245 5.5
787 40250 6  255 6.5
898 41260 7  265 7.5
9109 42270 8
9.510.59.5  275 8.5
101110 43280 9
10.511.510.5  285 9.5
111211 44290 10
11.512.511.5  295 10.5
121312 45300 11
12.513.512.5  305 11.5
131413 46310 12
13.514.513.5  315 12.5
141514 47320 13

Ladies' sizes

Find your usual shoe size in these columnsSize to buy
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What is the fit?

The FIT is the width across the foot. The wider the fit the more internal volume of the shoe.

Here we show you the equivalent fittings and sizes using English, American and European sizes.

English USA EU
E - Narrow E 5
F - Medium EE 6
G - Wide EEE 7
H - Extra Wide EEEE 8
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Goodyear welted leather sole
This is what Northampton manufacturers are traditionally known for. The sole is stitched to a welt which means the shoe gives great comfort and excellent shape retention.
Welted Rubber soles
This is similar to the “Goodyear welted Leather sole” construction except the sole material is rubber giving harder wear and better water resistance.
Leather Sole Rubber Fore Part
This gives all the benefits of a leather sole but the added flexibility and durability of a rubber fore part.
Cemented Leather Sole
A construction using specialised adhesives in place of stitched welts to bond the upper to the sole. This gives lightness in weight and appearance that the welted construction cannot.
Moccasin Construction
This provides a very light flexible and comfortable shoe. A bag of leather is formed by hand stitching an apron and the sole is then stitched or glued to the upper.

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What is a second?

This is a shoe which during close inspection at the factory has failed to meet the manufacturers high standard of quality control. The most common reasons being;
Growth Marks
These are naturally occurring flaws in the leather which are generally accepted by many shoe manufacturers as being a unique part of the material of their trade.
Human Error
Owing to the 250 individual hand operations that are involved in producing each pair of traditionally handmade shoes it is inevitable that the occasional shoes may incur slight damage on their 8-10 week journey through the factory.
The minor faults outlined should in no way effect the comfort, fit or life expectancy of the shoes.

We check all deliveries and only shoes which are to a high standard are listed on the site. Shoes which have more noticeable blemishes are sold in our Factory shop where customers can see the flaws before purchasing.

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What does Polished or Calf mean?

Leather uppers come in different finishes although the raw product is very similar.
Calf Leather
This is a leather which has been dyed to attain its colour and is generally the best quality of leather for shoes. The finish is soft and has somewhat less of a shine than polished leather finishes and the shoe will feel supple to wear.
Polished leather
Polished leathers are treated to give a high shine appearance and are also often known as corrected leathers. The treatment they are given to make them shine can give an initial firmer feel to the shoe. Due to the extra covering given to the leather small imperfections are covered up. This means that less expensive leather skins can be used so you will often find that polished shoes are cheaper than a calf leather equivalent.

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How do we use your country information?

By selecting your country we can:

  • Show the correct price for the items in your country
    • We can take payment in GBP, EUR, USD and AUD
  • Give you relevant shipping costs and an approximate delivery time
  • You may notice that the GBP prices vary by country. This is because we support our manufacturers by adhering to the worldwide prices they set.
  • Prices which are FULLY LANDED include duty, taxes and delivery
  • FULLY LANDED prices include a delivery amount - for fully landed countries we are able to offer cheaper prices for small items such as laces, polish etc when you buy a shoe or other large item. We do this to be scrupulously fair about the amount of shipping cost included in your purchase.


Many shoes can be repaired at the factory on the original last. If you have any enquiries about this service, please contact customer services.

What is a lining?

The Lining is the material used on the inside of the shoes which rests against the foot during wear.
Full Leather lining
This is regarded as the best finish to have, the complete interior of the shoe is lined with leather which gives comfort and absorbs the moisture given off from the foot during wear.
1/2 Leather lining
The fore part of the shoe has a cotton or linen lining and from the waist of the shoe back to the heel is leather.

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What is an insole?

The Insole is the part of the shoe which the foot presses down on during wear.
Full Leather Insole
This is regarded as the best to have, the leather insole absorbs the moisture given off by the foot in wear and can dry between being worn to be absorbent again. The leather also moulds to the individual shape of the foot to give comfort and support
Comfort Insoles
The insole is similar to a leather insole but a section of the fore part is removed and an orthopaedic insert is added and then covered with a leather lining. This means the shoes is instantly more flexible and gives maximum comfort under the ball of the foot.
Man-made Insoles
The insole is not leather which means moisture is not so easily absorbed. This should not cause issues unless the wearer suffers from hot feet in which case leather is more advisable.

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What is a last?

The last is the foot shape that the shoe uppers are pulled over and secured to during manufacturing to obtain the shape.

The lasts are given numbers or names to denote their individual characteristics such as toe shape and width, depth etc. Traditional lasts are made from wood but now they are more commonly made from plastic.

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What are the delivery times and postage costs?

We are proud to work with DHL and Royal Mail for our deliveries worldwide.

We e-mail you your tracking number so you can watch your order progress using your chosen service's tracking page.

UK orders

Standard 48hr delivery is free when you spend over £150 on full price items.

For UK orders under £150, discounted baskets or when a promo code is used, standard 48hr delivery is £3.95.

UK orders can be upgraded at the checkout to either a 24hr Royal Mail delivery at £5.95 or next-day DHL courier at £7.95.

To make it easier to return an item, you may choose to purchase a return label for £3.00 in the basket with any item.

All delivery and return options will be displayed in the basket prior to payment.

Overseas orders

For orders to the EU and Australia, all prices are fully landed: delivery, duty, taxes and a return label are included in the price.

For all other countries, standard delivery is £30. Lower rates may apply for orders of small items - check your basket for details.

The above price is are a guide. Calculated shipping costs will be displayed at checkout. Non-standard delivery options may vary in cost.

PLEASE NOTE: for some countries we will be unable to offer a returns service - if this is the case we will contact you to make other arrangements.

Very occasionally, such as for orders with a high number of items, we will incur a high charge from our couriers for shipping costs which cannot be calculated in advance. In these very rare cases we reserve the right to charge a higher delivery cost than the standard options in the basket. If this is the case, we will contact you beforehand.

Delivery Times

UK orders via DHL and Royal Mail 24 are normally delivered next working day if the items are in stock and the order is placed before 1pm. Royal Mail 48 are normally delivered within 2 to 3 working days.

Delivery times vary from country to country but are usually 2 days for Europe and the US, and between 2 to 6 days elsewhere. You will be given a delivery estimate at time of checkout.

Herring brand shoes are always in stock but other brands may not be. If your order is urgent please call us and check availability before ordering.

Customs and TAX

Please note that orders from NON-UK countries have 20% tax deducted at source when you select the country of delivery on our site.

For some export countries, we offer fully landed prices which include taxes and duties.

For some other export countries, we offer the facility to pre-pay duty, taxes and associated fees. Quotes given for this service are based on industry-leading export expertise, but we do not guarantee that what you pay will be the same if you choose not to use this service.

If a transaction is not fully-landed, and you have chosen to pay duty/taxes yourself, then duty/taxes and any associated fees are not Herring Shoes responsibility and we cannot guarantee to refund any shoes that are returned due to non-payment by the customer of customs duties, taxes or fees or refusal to accept a shipment. We may be able to provide a refund minus delivery and duty/taxes cost in such situations, but this is at our discretion and we cannot guarantee this.

In the event of replacements or repairs being sent to non-UK countries no duty is normally charged.

Please read the section above regarding returns, exchanges and refunds for additional information.

Will you deliver to an address that is not my Card holder address?

Yes we will on most occasions. We may sometimes, however, have to insist that an order is delivered to the registered card address as a way to mitigate fraud which is at our discretion.

Please note

Please be aware that all delivery times stated are guides only and we shall not be liable for any costs incurred for late delivery.

Please be aware that for high value orders we will use a tracked delivery service. If you want a parcel left unattended at your property, please be aware that once the item is scanned by the delivery driver as delivered we will not be liable for any loss. This means that, although we will ensure the item is delivered by the driver, we cannot accept any responsibility if the parcel is missing or damaged. We would always recommend receiving the item personally.

Very large items may not be sendable via Royal Mail, in which case only a DHL option will be shown.

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How do I pay?

Ordering through the web site uses advanced TLS security technology and is safe.

For payment we accept;
Apple Pay
Google Pay

We use industry standard 256 bit TLS secure server technology to keep all the details you send over the internet safe.

Herring Shoes may contact your bank and the relevant authorities if we suspect any card details or transaction to be fraudulent. This may delay orders but is carried out in the interest of Herring Shoes and the genuine card Holder.

Since the introduction of Paypal we are no longer able to accept payment by cheque.

Bank transfer
Since the introduction of Paypal we are no longer able to accept payment by bank transfer.

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When will I pay?

We first make sure the shoe is in stock. We then call off the funds from your bank when the shoes are sent out and e-mail you a receipt. It is important to note that even if we do not call-off the funds, due to an item being out of stock, the bank will still earmark the funds for us. In this case it can take 3-5 working days for this process to be reversed if we cancel the order for you. This does not mean that we have taken the money, nor is the delay due to our systems so please be patient.

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Paying with Klarna

We are pleased to be able to offer payment via Klarna. Klarna allows customers to buy now and pay later using one of 2 different methods. Please see Klarna's FAQs here.

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How do I stop your adverts?

We use a marketing company to provide targeted adverts to you if you have browsed our website. The adverts are not intended to annoy so we have created a guide to stopping unwanted adverts to help any customers who wish to suppress them.

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How do I stop your emails?

We are conscious of not annoying our customers with too many emails - on average one to two per month plus occasional reminders if we are running a promotion. In the unlikely event that you want to unsubscribe, every email we send has a link at the bottom allowing you to unsubscribe in a couple of clicks. You will miss out on priority notification of sales if you are not on the list. Please see our section on GDPR if you are concerned about your data privacy. Our site has always operated on an explicit opt-in basis.

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