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John Pearson

John Pearson: CEO Europe and Global Head of Commercial for DHL

John is the man that runs DHL all over europe so we were very pleased that he chose Herring shoes. When he came for a fitting we asked him some questions.

What makes you passionate about what you do?....

I think that builds and changes over time. When you have worked for a company for a long time - its a combination of many things. Looking to make things better for customers, helping people make their own way in the company, getting good results and knowing you work for the most international company in the world !

What makes DHL the ideal company to fulfill that passion?....

We are open, practical and give people a lot of room to move. Different people have different passions to fulfill and this style allows for that. The lines on the pitch are drawn out but how you are able to play within that is up to you.

How does DHL help Herring to grow?

To be honest I think its a great match. We have a shared goal of quality and loyalty. What's more Herring have customers in all four corners of the world and our network allows companies that reach and to break into new markets they may not be in. Moreover we have a great local team that feels close to the business and deliver what's needed.

What makes Herrings stand out as a business and as a shoe maker?

Its an easy question for me because I have had the benefit of seeing the operation "at first hand" - You get the feeling that every pair of shoes has been seen, touched and checked by the people that run the business. It's a great example of a small team that pushes for quality and customer satisfaction. I cant think that many people buy a different brand once they have bought a pair !

Lastly, they are based in a great part of the world so that makes driving down and picking up a pair pretty enjoyable !

"They do the job well five days a week!"

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