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Herring Shoe Style Guide

Oxford Shoes

In the UK the term Oxford is often used to mean a toe cap shoe but the term actually refers to the way the shoe closes.

If a shoe has a simple slit in the top of the shoe, with eyelets either side that pull together with laces, then you can call it an Oxford. Learn more about oxford shoes...

Spectator Shoes

The Spectator, also known as a co-respondent or two-tone shoe, is the most common welted footwear design to use two different colours. This two-tone effect is created by using different leathers for the toe, vamp, facings and counters. The wingtip or full-brogue brogue pattern is the natural style for this effect because it already has different pieces of leather for these parts of the shoe. Learn more about spectator shoes...

Brogue Shoes

The brogue is one of the most iconic shoe designs for men. The term brogue refers to the punching of holes into leather.

The name full-brogue is given to the design pictured. Patterns with less punching are called semi- and quarter-brogues. Learn more about brogue shoes...

Monk Shoes

The monk shoe or monk strap has been around for a long time. It has a history dating back to the footwear worn by monks, usually a sandal but fastened with a buckle.

This design allows for the top of the shoe to have a simple buckle closing which some people prefer to having laces flapping around. Learn more about monk shoes...

Derby Shoes

The Derby is also known as a Gibson or Blucher. It is an important variation to be aware of when looking at shoe construction, especially if you have a high instep.

The Derby is defined by the way the lacing and eyelets close the shoe. The closing panels are sewn on top of the vamp giving the shoe a more solid appearance and importantly more room for the larger foot and higher instep. Learn more about Derby shoes...


If you want to wear a smart-casual shoe that is easy to slip on but smart enough for a jacket, then the loafer is ideal as it is named for 'loafing' or relaxing.

They can be very casual soft suedes or formal black calf making them a versatile addition to a gentleman's wardrobe. Learn more about loafer shoes...

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot is stylish town boot popularised by Queen Victoria. The key feature is the elasticated sides that allow you to slip the boot on. This gives the boot a sleek, elegant appearance, much admired in the artistic and fashionable area of Chelsea in London. Learn more about Chelsea boots...

Deck Shoes

Deck shoes have developed from simple beginnings in the world of boating to become a staple of the gentleman's summer wardrobe. They are lightweight, have rubber soles and slip on and off easily. Learn more about deck shoes...


Slippers get their name from the loose opening that allows them to be easily slipped on and off. There is nothing better in the winter than a log fire and luxurious slippers, keeping the cold at bay. Learn more about slippers...

Men's Wedding Shoes

The perfect pair of men's wedding shoes means style and comfort all day long. Whether you're the groom or a guest, here's a guide to finding the right pair. Learn more about wedding shoes...

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